Project Finance NewsWire

October 2020


SPACs gain in popularity

Some renewable energy companies are thinking about special-purpose acquisition companies — called SPACs — as a possible means to access the public equity markets.

FERC opens one door and closes two others

FERC Order No. 845, 2222: Three orders by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in September will have significant effects on different segments of the US independent power market.

COVID-19 and business interruption claims

Several project developers and other businesses around the world have filed claims under business interruption insurance policies due to interruptions in work during lock-downs resulting from COVID-19.

Overestimation of solar output

The solar industry has anecdotally begun raising concerns about whether solar power plants are underperforming compared to their P50 output forecasts.

Products for corporate offtakers

Companies that are parties to virtual power purchase agreements may find themselves taking on more risk than they had originally anticipated.

Depreciation bonus questions answered

Depreciation bonus regulations that the Internal Revenue Service issued in September 2019, and then tweaked in September 2020, answer a number of questions that have been coming up in M&A and tax equity...

Powering data centers

Technology companies with significant data center operations are responsible for more than 16,600 megawatts of the approximately 26,000 megawatts of total renewable capacity contracted for under corporate...

Environmental update

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a broad executive order in September that sets a goal of requiring all new passenger vehicles sold in the state to have zero emissions starting in 2035...


Trump grid order update

The Trump bulk-power system order said guidance would be issued by the US Department of Energy by September 28, but November may be more realistic.

Offshore wind lease moratorium

No new offshore wind leases will be issued by the US government for the area off North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida for a 10-year period starting July 1, 2022.

Hawaii repeals solar tax credit

Hawaii is cancelling a 35% tax credit for solar projects that are five megawatts or larger in size and that have power purchase agreements that must be approved by the public utilities commission.