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Ep131: An Introduction to the World Energy Council
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Dr. Angela Wilkinson, secretary general of the World Energy Council, joins us to discuss the Council’s mission. We get into the differences between the Council and other organizations, the impact that COVID-19

How the US Election Will Affect Renewables
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Keith Martin gave a market update on November 18 that is largely an analysis of how the US election results will affect the renewable energy market, but that also include other updates. The presentation was a

Potential major overhaul of Mexican employment structures
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Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador sent the country’s House of Representatives a proposed set of amendments ...

Ep130: Risk Management in 2020
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Kimberlee Centera, CEO of TerraPro Solutions, joins us to discuss her company and how it is handling risk management during this unprecedented year. We get into what TerraPro Solutions does, some of the risks i

Ep129: Post-Election Analysis
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Five veteran Washington observers talked about what changes to expect for renewable energy and the project finance market as a result of the election. John Gimigliano, principal in charge, federal tax and regul

Ep128: Investing in Energy Innovation
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Chris Leary, investment partner at Orion Energy Partners, joins us to discuss how the company invests in energy innovation. We get into how Orion defines energy innovation, what it has already invested in, why

Major water PPPs announced in Mexico
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The Mexican government issued international public tenders this week for the award of two major public private partnership (PPP) water projects in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

Ep127: Residential Geothermal Energy
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Kathy Hannun, president and co-founder of Dandelion Energy, joins us to discuss residential geothermal heating and cooling. We dive into her background, why she decided to form Dandelion Energy, how geothermal

Ep126: Bitcoin and the Energy Industry Explained
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JohnPaul Baric, CEO of Aurum Capital Ventures Inc., joins us to explain the relationship between bitcoin mining and the energy industry. We dive into what bitcoin mining is, why bitcoins are scarce, how bitcoin