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Ep154: Powering the UK with the Moroccan Sun
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Simon Morrish, entrepreneur and CEO of Xlinks, joins us to discuss the ambitious Xlinks solar project, which transfers solar energy from Morocco via a3.6 GW subsea cable to the UK. We get into the scope of the

Infrastructure plan: Outlook in Congress
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President Biden proposed a massive infrastructure plan in late March. Four veteran Washington observers talk about what is likely to pass Congress.

How much shareholder debt?
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Determining what mix of debt and equity to use for US acquisitions requires a two-step calculation.

Financing merchant projects after Texas
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Hedged merchant power and storage projects in ERCOT can still be financed. Lenders are focused after the February cold snap on unmitigated asymmetric risks.

Climate-change risks for company leaders
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Climate change is making it more risky to serve as a director or officer of some energy companies.

Hydrogen: The next frontier
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The market for hydrogen breaks down into four areas. Plug Power expects to use 55 kilowatt hours of electricity to produce each kilogram of green hydrogen.

Aggregated PPAs
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It is becoming more common to see multiple PPAs signed for a single wind or solar project. Two business models are emerging.

New life for distributed wind
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A new wind turbine that can be mounted on light poles along interstate highways has potential. The wind from passing vehicles causes the turbines to spin.

Hydrogen and Japan
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Japan wants to become a “hydrogen society” by 2030. The Middle East could again be key to realizing its energy ambitions.