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Ep185: Cost of Capital: 2022 Outlook
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The year ahead looks like another strong year for financings, but with uncertainty around supply chains, inflation, potential tax law changes and import tariffs. The yield on the 10-year Treasury bond is up sig

Desert Sunlight Opinion Sheds Light on Purchase Price Allocations For ITC
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The Court of Federal Claims in its summary judgment opinion in the Desert Sunlight case clarified the application of the purchase price allocation rules to determine the investment tax credit (ITC).

Ep184: Scaling the Next Generation of Sustainability
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Katie McClain, partner at Energize Ventures, joins us to discuss the company’s investment approach. We get into what it looks for in clean energy and climate tech companies, how its approach differs from other

Required Reporting to FINCen
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The United States moved one step closer in December to requiring US companies to file reports with the US Treasury disclosing their beneficial owners.

Utility Status in Iowa
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An Iowa homeowners’ association is a water utility and must collect a utility excise tax on water service, the state tax department said.

Solar Output Forecasts
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Some solar output forecasts are too optimistic.

Solar and Public Utility Property
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“Public utility property” questions continue to take up IRS time.

Partnership Flips and California Property Taxes
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California clarified that partnership flip transactions do not trigger property tax reassessments for solar projects.

Section 1060 and Purchase Price Allocations
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Tax basis allocation issues are getting more attention in court.