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Ep76: FERC's Proposed Changes to PURPA
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Bob Shapiro, partner in Norton Rose Fulbright’s Washington office, discusses FERC’s proposed changes to PURPA. We go over what PURPA is and why it was created, its relevance today, the most significant chang

Ep75: The Business of Hydro with Hydro-Québec
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Serge Abergel, director of media relations at Hydro-Québec, joins us to discuss how being state-owned affects the company's business decisions...

Prepaid power contracts
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Prepaid power contracts may have gotten a new lease on life in proposed regulations the IRS issued in September.

Other data points
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A study in September said that 90% of the 68,000 megawatts of new gas-fired power plants currently proposed in the US will be uneconomic compared to new solar and wind projects equipped with storage by 2035.

Wind data
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The national average price of wind power purchase agreements has dropped below 2¢ a kilowatt hour.

Related-party loans
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Prepayment options in loans from affiliates could cause tax problems if not exercised once it becomes economically beneficial to do so.

Texas franchise taxes
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Texas does not let companies providing services — as opposed to selling goods — deduct costs when calculating income subject to state franchise taxes.

Refined coal
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A refined coal transaction landed in court. The taxpayers won.

Production tax credits and "sales"
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No sale occurs if the seller must pay the buyer to take a product, a US appeals court said.