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Dividends and section 1411 surtax
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Corporate shareholders must pay an additional 3.8% tax on dividends, the IRS said in an internal memo made public in May.

Biden bulk-power system actions
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The Trump bulk-power system order that barred the purchase or use of any Chinese or other “foreign adversary” equipment that might be used to harm the US power grid has expired.

Wildfire fund contributions
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Utility contributions to a state fund to cover damages after a weather event create an intangible property right.

Low renewables investment in opportunity zones
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Opportunity zones are not attracting much investment in power projects.

Section 707(b): Related-party electricity sales
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Partnerships that own renewable energy projects should be able to sell electricity to one of the partners without causing loss of valuable tax depreciation, the us chamber of commerce said.

Hydrogen tax credits
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Hydrogen tax credits are starting to take shape in Congress.

Uighur pressure builds
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Pressure is mounting to take action on solar panels that use materials or components made in the Xinjiang region in Western China.

2021 PTC inflation adjustments
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Production tax credits for producing renewable electricity will remain at the same level this year as last year.

Infrastructure bill and clean energy
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Renewable energy projects that are considered under construction this year for tax purposes may not be able to claim tax credits at the higher rates that President Biden is proposing.