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Ep158: Long-Duration Energy Storage with Highview Power
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Dr. Javier Cavada, CEO of Highview Power, joins us to talk about the energy storage technology on which the company is working. We discuss the energy storage landscape and where he sees it going in the future,

Ep157: The Missing Piece of the Carbon Accounting Puzzle
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Lee Taylor, CEO of REsurety, joins us discuss the carbon accounting market. We discuss how the company has solved the missing piece of the carbon accounting puzzle, how it has found that some renewable projects

Ep156: Building a Clean Energy Economy
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Danny Kennedy, an early pioneer in the residential solar rooftop sector and now CEO of New Energy Nexus, a non-profit that connects entrepreneurs to capital to build clean energy projects, joins us to discuss t

Wyden bill and tax credits
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Lessons from tax court's nixing of investor's energy credits
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David Burton highlights a court decision addressing a tax shelter scheme involving lenses for concentrated solar projects.

Ep155: A Green Infrastructure Investment Strategy
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Daniel Goldman, co-founder and managing director of Clean Energy Ventures, joins us to discuss green infrastructure investment. We go over what Clean Energy Ventures looks for in potential clean energy and cli

Ep154: Powering the UK with the Moroccan Sun
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Simon Morrish, entrepreneur and CEO of Xlinks, joins us to discuss the ambitious Xlinks solar project, which transfers solar energy from Morocco via a3.6 GW subsea cable to the UK. We get into the scope of the

Infrastructure plan: Outlook in Congress
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President Biden proposed a massive infrastructure plan in late March. Four veteran Washington observers talk about what is likely to pass Congress.

How much shareholder debt?
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Determining what mix of debt and equity to use for US acquisitions requires a two-step calculation.