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Ep174: Building Better Batteries
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Rick Luebbe, CEO of Group14, joins us to discuss how the company brings new performance capabilities to lithium-silicon batteries. We get into how Group14’s technology works, what it means for the typical consu

Final regulations complicate bonus depreciation for a sponsor’s buyout of a tax equity investor
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This post follows-up on Sponsors may Claim a Bonus Depreciation from Buyouts of Tax Equity Investors.

Ep173: US Offshore Wind Update
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Abby Watson, head of governmental affairs, North America at Siemens Gamesa, joins us to discuss the US offshore wind market. We discuss the trajectory of offshore wind on a global level, where it is headed in t

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Romania replaced its 25% corporate income tax with a 16% “flat” tax, effective on January 1.

Ep172: Supply Chain Ethics and Transparency in the US Solar Industry
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Abby Hopper, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), joins us to discuss current supply chain ethics issues in the US solar industry. We discuss the current forced labor issues that

Effort to salvage Mexican private power sector advances
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A federal district court in Mexico blocked enforcement earlier this month of steps that the López Obrador government has taken to strengthen the national electric utility, the CFE ...

Ep171: Renewable Hydrogen Update
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Jean-Louis Kindler, CEO of Ways2H, a company focused on turning the world’s waste into renewable hydrogen, joins us to discuss the company’s technology and the hydrogen market. We get into what is currently hap

Utility tax equity partnerships
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Utilities are financing solar projects in the tax equity market in a manner that produces enhanced benefits.

Xinjiang: Blocked solar panels
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Xinjiang issues are getting closer attention from counsel.