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Taxation of proxy revenue swaps for renewable energy projects
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The proxy revenue swap (PRS) is a burgeoning financial product that supports renewable energy projects that sell electrical energy into the wholesale electricity markets.

Ep177: Sustainable Finance
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Michael Edesess, managing partner, and Pascal Schoneburg, founder of M1K, join us to talk about sustainable finance. We discuss what sustainable finance is, the financial instruments included in it, whether sus

Podcast | Renewables and reconciliation: What the current policy debate means for clean energy
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Democrats in Congress are looking to pass a USD 1 trn bipartisan infrastructure bill and an even larger spending plan through reconciliation, and both bills could have a significant impact on the US energy sect

Ep176: A Creative and Collaborative Funding Solution
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Arunava Mitra, CFO of Mitsubishi Power Americas, and Nik Nunes, CEO of Industrial Development Funding (IDF), join us to discuss their collaboration to provide creative forms of financing for energy projects. We

Ep175: Developing in the C&I Space
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Brett Phillips, vice president at Unico Solar, joins us to discuss the company and how it is developing projects in the C&I space. We get into the type of projects that

Ep174: Building Better Batteries
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Rick Luebbe, CEO of Group14, joins us to discuss how the company brings new performance capabilities to lithium-silicon batteries. We get into how Group14’s technology works, what it means for the typical consu

Final regulations complicate bonus depreciation for a sponsor’s buyout of a tax equity investor
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This post follows-up on Sponsors may Claim a Bonus Depreciation from Buyouts of Tax Equity Investors.

Ep173: US Offshore Wind Update
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Abby Watson, head of governmental affairs, North America at Siemens Gamesa, joins us to discuss the US offshore wind market. We discuss the trajectory of offshore wind on a global level, where it is headed in t

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Romania replaced its 25% corporate income tax with a 16% “flat” tax, effective on January 1.