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Ep114: COVID-19's Effect on Utilities
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Robert Mudge, principal at The Brattle Group, joins us to go over the company’s report on the impact COVID-19 is having on utilities. We go over how electric load has been affected, how effects vary among diffe

Ep113: Condition of the Tax Equity Market
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Many developers report trouble raising tax equity this year for renewable energy projects. This is the third in a series of calls since late March with different tax equity investors to test the current conditi

Ep112: Solar Risk Assessment Report 2020
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Richard Matsui, CEO and co-founder of kWh Analytics, and Dana Olson, solar segment leader at DNV GL, are back to discuss the second annual "Solar Risk Assessment" report in which they, along with industry exper

Ep111: Lessons Learned from PG&E's Bankruptcy
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PG&E is on its way out of bankruptcy, and there are many lessons to learn from the largest American utility’s second trip through bankruptcy. We briefly cover the political and regulatory issues lurking in the

Ep110: Behind-the-Meter Storage
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Brian Warshay, principal consultant, DER and energy storage at DNV GL, joins us to discuss opportunities in behind-the-meter storage. We get into how companies can make money in BTM solar and storage, how the p

Ep109: What's New in the Market
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Another economic stimulus bill is expected in August. A refundable tax credit proposal has gotten traction among Republicans. Tax equity is harder for many developers to find this year. A key motion being argue

Bonus depreciation proposed regulations: previously-owned property
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Landmark federal energy storage order upheld
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A landmark order passed by FERC in 2018 paving the way for energy storage deployment has been upheld in court.

Ep108: Making C&I Solar More Attractive to Institutional Investors
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Steve Cunningham, managing partner of Madison Energy Investments, joins us to explain the details of investing in C&I solar. We discuss what C&I means in the context of size, offtaker and style, why it exists