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Ep106: Brightmark on Renewable Natural Gas
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Bob Powell, founder and CEO of Brightmark, joins us to discuss his company and the important environmental problems it is solving. He discusses the projects on which the company is working in renewable natural

Bonus depreciation proposed regulations: Leasing to a utility
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This update describes the effect of the updated proposed regulations on transactions related to property leased to regulated utilities.

Ep105: Distributed Generation's Reaction to COVID-19
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Richard Dovere, managing member of C2 Energy Capital, joins us to discuss how COVID-19 has affected the distributed generation sector. We discuss factors that are coming into play on resiliency and the role of

Trump bulk-power system order: Market reaction
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Market reaction to the Trump bulk-power system order has been mixed. Some tax equity investors and lenders moved quickly to require sponsors to fund any future costs to replace foreign adversary equipment ...

California split-roll initiative upsets solar developers
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A California “split-roll” ballot initiative would change the way commercial property is taxed in California and lead potentially to significantly higher property taxes on solar projects.

Corporate VPPAs: Risks and sensitivities
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Eighty-two percent of power purchase agreements signed with US corporate offtakers in 2019 were “virtual” PPAs that do not involve physical delivery of electricity.

Financing storage
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Although the coronavirus pandemic is expected to trim global storage installations by almost 20% according to some analysts, 2020 should still be a record-breaking year for new storage projects in the US.

Rights to block bankruptcy filings in doubt
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A federal bankruptcy court decision in May has called into question the validity of certain “bankruptcy-remote” structures frequently used by businesses, particularly in project financing.

Evolving Middle Eastern power market
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The Middle East power market, particularly in the Gulf Cooperation Council, is currently undergoing a transformation as the region shifts to more renewable energy.