Project Finance NewsWire

June 2021


Tax equity snapshot

The tax equity market is wrestling with a number of issues this year, including constrained capacity for ITC deals, tax-law uncertainty, risk of a Customs order blocking certain Chinese equipment...

Reawakening the DOE loan guarantee program

Roughly $40 billion in DOE loan guarantee capacity to support clean energy projects has sat largely unused for a decade. Recent changes have made the program more user friendly.

Data center sustainability: Beyond PPAs

Data centers are being driven by customers to reduce carbon footprints and consumption of energy, water and raw materials. Green leases are being used to document commitments.


Infrastructure bill and clean energy

Renewable energy projects that are considered under construction this year for tax purposes may not be able to claim tax credits at the higher rates that President Biden is proposing.

Uighur pressure builds

Pressure is mounting to take action on solar panels that use materials or components made in the Xinjiang region in Western China.

Biden bulk-power system actions

The Trump bulk-power system order that barred the purchase or use of any Chinese or other “foreign adversary” equipment that might be used to harm the US power grid has expired.