Project Finance NewsWire

June 2018


Proxy revenue swaps for solar

Risk-transfer products, such as volume puts or swaps, are now standard product offerings, serving as offtake arrangements in lieu of traditional power purchase agreements.

CCAs and risk management

A group of panelists talked at an Infocast community choice energy conference in La Jolla in April about the types of risks facing CCAs and how they manage them.

Infrastructure opportunities in the US

A group of panelists talked about the outlook and timetable for the Trump infrastructure plan and then had a wide-ranging discussion about other current topics and potential growth areas for new infrastructure

California update

Marin Clean Energy became the first community choice aggregator in mid-May to receive a credit rating. Moody’s Investors Service assigned it a Baa2 rating and stable outlook.

Environmental update

The US Environmental Protection Agency proposed in late April to limit the scientific studies that it will take into account when writing future agency regulations related to air pollution, toxics and other hea


Halting coal and nuclear retirements

Coal and nuclear power plant retirements may be halted for two years under an order that the US Department of Energy appears to be moving closer to issuing.

Tariff threats

Import tariffs and the possibility of an escalating trade war are being watched warily by US developers.

Power contracts

Renewable energy developers reported coming into 2018 that the competition for power purchase agreements to supply electricity to utilities and corporate offtakers was “brutal.”

Production tax credits

Production tax credits for renewable energy projects will remain unchanged in 2018 from 2017 levels, the Internal Revenue Service said in late May.


Hawaii is looking for a new business model for its regulated utilities.

Gas pipelines

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission opened an inquiry in April into its process for approving new gas pipeline projects. Comments are due by July 25.

North Carolina

North Carolina reaffirmed that solar rooftop companies may not enter into contracts to supply electricity to homeowners or businesses in the state.


Florida confirmed that contracts used by Sunrun to lease solar equipment to customers are not retail sales of electricity.

New IRS guidance

The US Treasury and the White House Office of Management and Budget reworked a 1983 understanding that new tax guidance generally does not have to be vetted by OMB before it can be made public.

Straddle tax years

Corporations with tax years that straddled year end 2017 got instructions on how to calculate their 2018 US taxes. An issue arises because the corporate tax rate fell from 35% to 21% on January 1, 2018.

Carbon sequestration credits

The US government offers a tax credit for trapping carbon dioxide emissions from any industrial source and then either burying it permanently underground or using it for enhanced oil recovery.

Tax havens

British overseas territories, like Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, will have to post public registries disclosing ownership of companies based there.

Data points

Coal-fired power plants accounted for 28.1% of US electricity generation in the first quarter of 2018, according to the latest Electric Power Monthly from the US Energy Information Administration in late May.