Project Finance NewsWire

August 2017


Corporate PPAs

Corporate PPAs were down almost half from forecasts and down almost a third from the year before.

Community solar risks and landscape

Five community solar executives talked about where community solar is getting traction, the different business models{comma} the principal risks in deals and...

New trends

A panel of veteran investment bankers and one commercial banker had a wide-ranging discussion at the Chadbourne global energy and finance conference in...

US offshore wind

What to make of the growing interest in US offshore wind projects given the conventional wisdom that offshore wind cannot compete in a...

As solar ascends

Solar electricity is expected to be the cheapest generating source by the middle of the next decade.

Environmental update

The US Environmental Protection Agency has decided to move forward with plans to designate which cities and counties are in compliance with new federal ozone limits...


North Carolina solar

North Carolina opened the door to more solar energy while imposing an 18-month moratorium on new construction permits for wind farms.

Corporate PPAs in 2017

New corporate PPAs signed through June 15 reached 1{comma}240 megawatts{comma} a little ahead of the pace in...

Volcker Rule rollback?

US Bank regulators may roll back part of regulations put in place to implement the Volcker rule.

Minor memos

The Solar Energy Industries Association estimates that the solar tariffs sought by US solar panel manufacturer Suniva would cost the United States 88,000 jobs .