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October 2022


Observations of a Former ISO Board Member

Naturally, one accumulates many thoughts over nine years. My comments today are my own personal thoughts, and I am not speaking as a representative of the ISO, its management or my fellow directors.

Hydrogen Tax Credits

Companies angling to take advantage of new tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act for making clean hydrogen are asking lots of questions.

Carbon Capture Economics

The Inflation Reduction Act increased a tax credit for capturing carbon oxide emissions and extended the deadline to qualify. The tax credit, even before the latest increase, was already contributing to ...

US Offshore Wind Lease Issues

Offshore wind developers bidding in federal auctions of sites off the US coast commit to a time-consuming and expensive process.

Environmental Update Oct 2022

Solar generating equipment withstood much of the wrath of the two hurricanes that struck Puerto Rico and Florida in September, providing advocates for the industry with reason to argue ...


Solar anti-circumvention moratorium

Solar developers planning to import solar panels by mid-2024 to avoid any US anti-circumvention duties the US decides to impose on panels from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand or Cambodia must actually use the panel

Shared-appreciation loans

A shared-appreciation loan was a pure loan and did not make the lender a partner with the borrower, the US Tax Court said.

FEMA power plant proposal

The fate of a FEMA proposal to require power plants and other projects to be able to withstand extreme weather events should be decided around November 1.