Project Finance NewsWire

June 2022


How hedges have changed since Uri

The hedge market is offering the same menu of options a year and a half after a sudden cold snap in Texas left some power projects facing huge losses.

Carbon capture terms

Interest in carbon capture projects has soared over the past year. To document commercial terms, some parties are re-purposing concepts from gas and refined coal deals. Others are cutting brand new ...

Taking stock of community solar

A panel of five community solar experts talked in late February in Boston about new trends in the community solar market, including evolving contract terms, consolidated utility billing, customer attrition ...

Ex-Im Bank financing for US manufacturing

The Export-Import Bank of the United States is moving forward with plans to finance construction of new US factories and expansion of existing factories that, in each case, will produce some goods for export.

Environmental update: June 2022

New York lawmakers passed a bill designed to slow the spread of cryptocurrency mining operations that burn fossil fuels for power in early June.


Customs gets tougher on forced labor

Solar companies are anxious about whether tougher enforcement of a US prohibition against importing products that benefited from Chinese forced labor will mean more blocked solar panels and batteries.

Climate change disclosures

Climate change disclosures that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is proposing to require of public companies could have two indirect effects on power companies.

2022 PTC inflation adjustment

Production tax credits for producing renewable electricity will be slightly lower this year than thought earlier after the Internal Revenue Service corrected an error.