Project Finance NewsWire

June 2002


PURPA and PUHCA Edge Closer To Repeal

Electric utilities will no longer have to buy electricity from “qualifying facilities” under the national energy plan that the Senate passed in April. Existing contracts with QFs are not affected...

Sales of Gas Transportation Capacity

A US court of appeals said in April that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission can continue with an experiment to allow companies that hold rights to transport gas on interstate pipelines to se...

Environmental Update - June 2002

Haze in National Parks A US appeals court struck down a key section of a US Environmental Protection Agency rule aimed at reducing haze in national parks in late May...



Louisiana confirmed that independent power plants are subject to property taxes at a lower rate than power plants that supply power directly to retail customers.

New York

New York is considering awarding local taxing districts broader authority to waive property taxes on power plants and to enter instead into so-called PILOT agreements.