Project Finance NewsWire

December 2020


Emerging opportunities in the hydrogen market

Green hydrogen to be on the verge of transforming from an idea into projects on the ground. While many green hydrogen efforts are pilot projects that require government support to be economic, sponsors ...

Climbing insurance premiums

Property and casualty insurance premiums have increased as much as 400% over the last two years in the solar market, and some types of coverage may not be available at any price.

EXIM has work to do at home

The Trump administration issued an executive order recently directing the US International Development Agency (formerly known as the Overseas Private Investment Corporation or OPIC) to use its project ...

Energy storage hedges

Battery storage developers are looking more frequently for contracted revenue streams and for ways to manage commercial risk associated with their projects. One way to do that is through commodity hedges ...

Post-election analysis

Congress is back in Washington for a short "lame-duck" session before year end. President Biden will take office on January 20. A new Congress will also be seated in January. Democrats will retain control ...

Mexican rollbacks move to the courts

While the Lopez Obrador administration has been dialing back private participation in the Mexican power sector, the Mexican federal courts have been holding firm against the government's changes in policy.

Financing US offshore wind projects

Five key players in financings of US offshore wind projects talked at the annual offshore wind conference organized by the American Wind Energy Association in October about the expected terms for US financings

An evolving market in Asia for offshore wind

A number of key factors and trends will influence how the offshore wind market develops in Asia over the next decade. In the meantime, opportunities to invest in offshore wind energy developments are being ...

Investing in renewable fuel projects

Among a handful of notable developments as 2020 ends in an uptick in interest in renewable fuel projects. Renewable fuel is not an oxymoron. There are federal regional and state programs to reward the use ...

Environmental update

As President-elect Joseph Biden assembles the environment and energy team for his new administration, he is honing his strategy to address climate change in the face of a divided Congress and a leadership ...


Washington outlook for renewable energy

The Biden Administration‚Äč will face greater challenges than any recent administration, not the least of which is the possibility that Donald Trump will remain a constant thorn after leaving office.

Renewables trajectory

Renewable energy companies have managed to grow in recent years in a market with static demand for electricity by replacing aging coal and nuclear power plants.