Project Finance NewsWire

December 2019


Mexican CEL ruling roils market

More than 20 requests for injunctions have been filed by generators, industry associations and other interested parties in Mexico to challenge a government ruling...

Financing EV charging infrastructure

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that 57% of passenger vehicle sales, and more than 30% of the global passenger vehicle fleet, will be electric by 2040.

Solar finance outlook

A panel of two sponsors, two lenders and one tax equity investor rolled quickly through a wide range of topics of current interest at the Solar Power International 2019 convention this fall in Salt Lake City.

Environmental update

The United Nations said in a report in late November that there is a significant gap between the world’s current combined pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions...


Solar and wind tariffs

The uncertainty around tariffs makes trying to do business like negotiating deals on a trampoline with an overweight 73-year old bouncing up and down.

CFIUS data

The latest CFIUS report to Congress in November shows a dramatic increase in the number of inbound US acquisitions that are being reported to the US government since Trump took office.

Guidance v. tweets

Two new Trump executive orders may make it harder to get guidance from federal agencies in the future about what US law requires.

Investment tax credits

An investment tax credit can be claimed on an increase in tax basis in an existing project, the IRS said.

M&A finder’s fees

A finder’s fee is not deductible if paid by a target company on behalf of the company that acquired it, the US Tax Court said.

Useful data points

US installed wind capacity stood at 100,125 megawatts at the end of the third quarter 2019, according to the American Wind Energy Association.