Project Finance NewsWire

August 2018


New trends

The session this year was a wide-ranging discussion about new trends in the market with the investment banker or banker equivalent of a panel of journalists on the Sunday morning talk shows.

The hunt for PPAs

Three prominent wind developers and the head of electricity procurement for a utility talked about lessons from recent utility procurements, corporate PPAs and hedges.

Turkey eyes offshore wind

The Turkish Ministry of Energy launched a tender for the country’s first offshore wind power plant on June 21. The deadline for bid submissions is October 23.

Depreciation bonus questions answered

Depreciation bonus regulations that the IRS issued on August 3 answer a number of questions that have been coming up this year in M&A and tax equity transactions.

Blockchain comes into view

Four blockchain pioneers talked at the 29th annual global energy and finance conference in June about what blockchain means for the power sector.

Solar construction-start guidelines

Solar developers got long-awaited guidance from the Internal Revenue Service today about what must be done on future projects to be considered under construction in time to qualify for federal tax credits.

Energy storage gains ground

Four prime movers in the push to install batteries talked about where installation of batteries already makes economic sense and what is driving current adoption.

More new trends

Four industry veterans talked about new trends in financing renewable energy projects at the 15th annual ACORE/Euromoney REFF-Wall Street conference in New York.

California update

Two bills have been proposed in the California legislature that could affect renewable energy companies in California: SB 100 in the state senate and AB 813 in the state assembly.

Environmental update

The Trump administration announced in August to roll back Obama-era automobile emissions and fuel efficiency standards and revoke the long-standing authority of states to impose stricter standards.


Tax basis issues: Alta Wind

Tax basis issues remain largely unresolved after a US appeals court decision in late July in a closely-watched case involving Alta Wind.

Physical presence: Wayfair

A physical presence is no longer required for companies making sales to have to collect sales taxes, the US Supreme Court said in late June 2018.

US solar capacity

US installed solar capacity was 55,900 megawatts at the end of the first quarter 2018.

Solar panel prices

Solar panel prices are expected to fall 34% by year end to a global average of 24.4¢ a watt, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

California CCA data

Community choice aggregators in California bought 57.1% more electricity from wholesale suppliers in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017.

Electric coops and tax reform

Electric cooperatives are concerned that they will lose their federal income tax exemptions because of the tax reforms that were enacted last December.