Project Finance NewsWire

August 2005


Will PUHCA Repeal Hasten Utility Consolidations?

The energy bill that President Bush signed on August 8 repeals a 1935 statute — called the “Public Utility Holding Company Act” — that makes it hard to form multistate electric and gas utilities i...

IRS Addresses Interconnection Payments

The Internal Revenue released new guidelines in July that should let some independent power companies get back “tax grossups” that utilities required them to pay in connection with “network upgrad...

FERC Rebuffs Wind Developers

The tensions between federal and state energy regulation were dramatically highlighted by a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission order in July that its transmission pricing policies require wind d...

Real Estate Issues in US Wind Deals

Wind developers learn quickly that expertise in wind technologies, electricity transmission and tax credits is not enough — they must also be savvy real estate developers...

Toll Road Update

The United States would like to see more roads built in the future by public-private partnerships, but this will happen only if states allow private sector participation...

Environmental Update

Utilities and environmental groups wasted little time in challenging the “clean air interstate rule” that requires 28 eastern states and the District of Columbia to reduce nitrogen oxide ...



HOLLAND granted partial relief in July to US companies that have made offshore investments through Dutch holding companies using a so-called CV-BV structure.

Minor memos

The owners of the TransAlaska Pipeline System largely won a dispute with three Alaska municipalities over what value should be assigned to the pipeline for property tax purposes.