Project Finance NewsWire

April 2021


Hydrogen: The next frontier

The market for hydrogen breaks down into four areas. Plug Power expects to use 55 kilowatt hours of electricity to produce each kilogram of green hydrogen.

Aggregated PPAs

It is becoming more common to see multiple PPAs signed for a single wind or solar project. Two business models are emerging.

New life for distributed wind

A new wind turbine that can be mounted on light poles along interstate highways has potential. The wind from passing vehicles causes the turbines to spin.

Hydrogen and Japan

Japan wants to become a “hydrogen society” by 2030. The Middle East could again be key to realizing its energy ambitions.

Environmental Update April 2021

Various Trump-era environmental positions are either being struck down by the courts or reworked by the Biden administration. New York has streamlined its approval process for new renewable energy projects.


Port backlogs

Port backlogs are adding to cost and could delay construction of some projects.

Storage efficiencies

Utility-scale batteries operated with an average round-trip efficiency of 82% during 2019 ...

California renewables gap

California will need to triple the capacity of its power grid and may have to add 6,000 megawatts of new renewable and storage facilities ...

Not that tax equity.

An April 7 headline in Tax Notes Today read, “Congressional Democrats United on Need for Tax Equity.”