Sanctions against Libya, India and Pakistan

US plans no change in sanctions against Libya, India and Pakistan | Norton Rose Fulbright

May 01, 1999

US sanctions against Libya remain in place, despite a decision by the United Nations last month to lift UN sanctions. UN sanctions were lifted after Libya released two suspects to be tried in The Hague for the bombing of a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Meanwhile, the US has no plans to re-impose sanctions against India and Pakistan after both countries tested new missiles in April that can carry nuclear warheads. The US slapped economic sanctions on both countries last year after underground nuclear testing. Congress later gave President Clinton the authority to waive the sanctions “for a period not exceed one year,” which Clinton used to suspend the sanctions last November 6. The missile launches have had the effect of derailing for now legislation that US Congressional leaders had planned to introduce to speed a further loosening of sanctions.

Keith Martin