Project Finance NewsWire

September 2000


US Heading For Merchant Plant Overdevelopment

Power shortages and price spikes in many areas of the United States this summer have put the electric power industry in the public spotlight and sparked demands for reregulation of the industry ...

Spotlight On Section 45 Credits

The federal government offers a tax credit of 1.7 cents a kilowatt hour for generating electricity from wind, closed-loop biomass or poultry waste...

Doubts Persist About European Gas Market

Doubts persist — barely a few weeks after the deadline for implementing legislation — about whether the European experiment with open gas markets will lead to truly open markets ...

Dispute Over Coal Ash Spills Into Court

Environmental groups filed suit in federal court in late August to force the US government to regulate ash and other wastes from the combustion of fossil fuels, including coal, waste coal, and pet ...

Peru Moves To Reduce Mining Incentives

New legislation took effect in early September that could increase the cost of mining operations in Peru. Companies with existing stabilization agreements are not affected ...

New Rules For Undersea Mining

Regulations issued by the International Seabed Authority this summer set new rules for undersea mining of manganese, nickel, cobalt and copper...



Pennsylvania released a study of the effects of electricity deregulation on state tax collections.


Indonesia has revoked its tax treaty with The Netherlands.