Project Finance NewsWire

December 2018


Buying assets from financially distressed sellers

When a developer that has sold assets later files for bankruptcy, many of its transactions that it engaged in during the time leading up to its bankruptcy filing will be scrutinized in the bankruptcy case.

Current issues in community solar projects

Three community solar developers and one aggregator of community solar customers talked at the Infocast Community Solar 2.0 conference about the how the basic business model is evolving and current issues.

California CCA outlook

Representatives of three California CCAs talked at an American Wind Energy Association finance conference in San Francisco in October about their needs for additional power and some of the challenges they face.

Environmental update

The meaning of “critical habitat” and the scope of protection offered by the Endangered Species Act are being hotly litigated in the appellate courts, with potentially significant implications for developers.


US tariffs

US tariffs are causing some types of Chinese imports to surge.


California will decide next year whether to conform to the tax changes the federal government made in late 2017.

US installed wind capacity

US installed wind capacity stood at 90,550 megawatts at the end of the third quarter 2018, according to the American Wind Energy Association.