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Mexico: second power auction results

Posted by Raquel Bierzwinsky

September 29, 2016

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Mexico has awarded long-term contracts to 23 companies under its second power auction. Officials results were issued on September 28, awarding contracts to buy electricity, capacity and clean energy certificates (CELs) from projects representing 3,944.57 MW, of which 2,891 MW will come from newly installed clean energy sources. Solar projects represent 1,823.97 MW, wind 1,128.5 MW, hydro 68 MW, geothermal 25 MW and combined-cycle technology 899 MW.

The weighted average price for energy and CELs offered in this second auction was $33.47 a megawatt hour, 30% less than the $47.70 a megawatt hour averaged in the first auction that took place at the end of March.

Some of the winning bidders include ENEL, Hanwha Q Cells, Engie, Acciona, Zuma Energía, Tractebel, CFE, Alten Energías Renovables, AT Solar, Fotowatio and OPDE.


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